Charities supported by the ICB in 2016

Read here all about the eight Charities that the ICB  supported in 2016 and the amount raised:

Catholic Institute for Deaf People, Cork Counselling Services Ltd,
Daisyhouse Housing Association, Enable Ireland Co. Mayo, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Mater Foundation, St John Ambulance – Castleknock, Third Age Ireland

CORK COUNSELLING SERVICES, CORK is seeking €15,000 for the Adolescent Positive Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Programme. This comes as a timely response to the most recent statistics which identify Ireland’s suicide rate amongst teenage girls as the highest in Europe and the suicide rate amongst teenage boys as the second highest in Europe. Cork City has the highest suicide rate in Ireland with levels more than 70% above the national average. The programme will incorporate a psycho-education prevention programme in schools across Cork City and County, support for parents and families in distress, and evidence-based resources for educators and schools.

DAISYHOUSE HOUSING ASSOCIATION, DUBLIN is seeking €11,657.00 for Daisyhouse Education & Skills Fund. This project will help establish an Education Fund that will be available to target groups of women, providing an opportunity for them to gain new skills and educational qualifications with the goal of moving away from homelessness into independent, sustainable living. Funding would cover tuition costs for various areas of study that would result in diplomas or certificates.

ENABLE IRELAND MAYO SERVICES, COUNTY MAYO is seeking €4,000 for Horse riding and Cycle camp for children with physical disabilities. Horse riding provides several benefits to those children, such as increasing balance and using muscles to improve strength of the body as a whole, which can compensate for lack of strength in other parts. Cycling can be an alternative to walking, and this camp will teach children how to ride a bicycle. Adaptive technology will be introduced to enable children to work on their balance, which will increase the confidence of children who have difficulties with walking.

 CATHOLIC INSTITUTE FOR DEAF PEOPLE, DUBLIN is seeking €12,000 for the “After School Activity for Deaf Children Programme.” Due to cultural and linguistic barriers, deaf children can experience exclusion and marginalisation in community activities that are designed for the hearing population. Because the Deaf School residence does not have resources to develop after-school education activities, funding for this project will provide opportunities that will enhance the ability of these children to work as a team and develop discipline and knowledge through a programme that would be active on daily basis.
IRISH GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND, CORK is seeking €15,000 for The Assistance Dog Program For Children With Autism to purchase breeder dogs that could produce up to four litters, or up to 40 pups, which would then be trained to become Assistance Dogs. An Assistance Dog is the same breed, age and temperament as a Guide Dog and is trained especially to work with a child with autism and his or her family. Assistance Dogs work with children with autism, Asperger’s, and those on the autistic spectrum. These canine companions can help improve their lives forever.

MATER FOUNDATION, DUBLIN is seeking €14,160.01 to add a family room on St. Monica’s Ward, a 31-bed wing of Mater Hospital for patients with cancer or complex chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease, pancreatitis and liver abscesses. For every one patient that dies in their hospital, ten family members are directly affected by the death. Family rooms offer them huge support during very challenging and distressing times, giving them a place to get a cup of tea or some moments of respite from the emotional and physical challenges of sitting with a critically ill or dying relative.

ST. JOHN AMBULANCE, CASTLEKNOCK is seeking €9,500 to extend their community training program to set up a cardiac response team in Dublin 15 and provide training to 500 people this year. Additionally, they plan to run a series of children’s first aid camps in schools to teach young people how to call for help in an emergency situation. St. John Ambulance strives to enable people to help a member of their family or community and preserve life until the arrival of medical services. Many of the people trained by St. John Ambulance go on to become active members themselves, and younger trainees often go on to study for careers in the medical services.

THIRD AGE FOUNDATION, COUNTY MEATH is seeking €10,800 for Third Age Failte Isteach, a community-based project involving predominantly older volunteers in welcoming migrants and refugees to Ireland through conversational English classes in their local community. The project will strive to provide the necessary language skills to migrants in a student-centered, welcoming, and inclusive manner; involve older volunteer tutors and recognise their skills, expertise and contribution to the community; promote greater integration and sense of community spirit by forging new friendships and facilitating learning among different cultures; and establish a network of Failte Isteach groups in communities throughout Ireland.

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